Valve seat replacement
Valve seats cut
Guide replacement (or make a custom oversize or obsolete guide)
BMW (airhead) cylinder head service and repair
Ducati (bevel drive) cylinder head service and repair
Moto Guzzi (Tonti) cylinder head service and repair
Cylinder boring (1os or big bore)
BMW (airhead) final drive spline replacement (not repair)... new stub pressed and welded into crown gear to return the spline to new
Vapour Honing of covers and engine cases and components
Sonic Cleaning of Carburetors
Cylinder Fin repair
Aluminium welding (puncture or crack)
Upgrading vintage forks with Race tech emulators (we will machine custom adapters for almost any application and can have springs made for most obsolete applications)
Bracing swing arms to improve rigidity.
Bing carburator Overhaul and repair including float needle seat replacement.

Let us know what you need, we can probably do it