For Sale

1982 Bluebird Wanderlodge FC33SB

The photo's on this page are of my 1982 wanderlodge, to date I have something over 1100 hours in the restoration of a wonderful piece of equipment. Bluebird set out to make the best motorhomes they could and it shows in the quality materials used in construction and their attention to detail. Wherever possible i have used the original components from the original manufacturers. In a few cases I have made upgrades to newer better equipment that wasn't available when this unit was built. I have a ridiculously long list of things rebuilt or replaced and upgrades made that I'm happy to supply on request but suffice to say 98% of the coach has been cleaned, tested and repaired during the restoration. a scan of the Build sheet is among the pictures and you will see that new this unit was 185,000.00 US I am the third owner, the second being the original owners daughter. A plate bearing the original owners name is in the coach. I'm happy to talk to interested parties about the coach and what's been done. I have the bluebox, the original grill with the briquettes in their original box the clock as shown I have done my best to amend the manuals to reflect the new equipment. My contact Info is at the bottom of this page.

$ 28,000.00 US