Toph Restorsations specializes in the expert mechanical restoration of vintage motorcycles and components, particularly BMW "Airheads" /5 to /7. We also do small scale manufacturing to accommodate those restorations.


We have a well equiped machine shop that allows us to bore cylinders, rebuild heads, repair final drives and build engines for most any vintage motorcycle, all in house. There are very few things we cannot do right here in the shop. From fin or impact damage or a bearing bore in a crankcase, repairing an exhaust thread or re-bushing float towers in an obsolete carbeurator it all gets done without leaving the shop. We weld, thread, mill, turn, press and cut, right here. We also have bead blasting and vapour honing equipment to make the repair invisible once complete.


Toph Restorations is also a Race Tech and Ohlins dealer, and we specialize in the upgrading of vintage forks with race tech emulators to make your old suspension feel like new suspension.